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Riley Physiotherapists

Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice

Riley Physiotherapists

Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice

Riley Physiotherapists

Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice

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Riley Physiotherapists – Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice

We, at Riley Physiotherapists – Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice, Kwazulu Natal offer a variety of services related to health and wellness. Our dedicated team of experts provide professional treatments in various fields of physiotherapy. With years of of physiotherapy experience behind us, as well as a caring nature for the well being of others, with us, you are in good hands. Get in touch with us. Below is a list of the various services we offer our clients. Get well. Move forward.

About Riley Physiotherapists

Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice, Durban, Kwazulu Natal

Riley Physiotherapists provides a comprehensive physiotherapy service. Caring and competent physiotherapists Juli-Ann Riley and Candice Rommers provide the physiotherapy service.

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Multiple Sclerosis – an insight into a rather interesting disease

The month of May marks Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in South Africa. Did you know that this auto-immune disease affects 2.1 million people globally? It is also 3 times more common in women than in men and will commonly present during the ages of 20-40 years....

You have been discharged from hospital, now what?

You have been discharged from hospital – now what? You’ve had a knee replacement. The physiotherapist in hospital has walked with you and given you a nice little print out booklet of basic exercises on discharge. Arriving home, you have no idea where to start. You...

The Best Wealth is Health

Nothing beats the feeling of being alive and in love with life. Think healthy Speak healthy Eat healthy Live healthy Take care of your body and mind. It's the only one you have.

Cancer and Physiotherapy

Every year, 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer. While we may have not found a cure just yet, treatment options are advancing each day – both in and out of hospital. Did you know there is growing evidence reporting both psychological and physiological...

What is the Core?

We always get instructed to ‘activate the core’ – but do you actually know how to? What is our core? And how can we strengthen it?  For National Physiotherapy Backweek this week, we would like t tell you a little more about "the core". Our core encompasses four...

Women in August

With August being Women's Month, let's talk about something important to all of us, Women's Health. There are numerous health issues unique to women, and they are often things that we don't like to talk about. We would like to get things out in the open and mention...

A pain in the neck?

A pain in the neck?We may be able to help! At any given time, 10%-20% of  people report neck problems. More than half of the population have experienced neck pain in the last 6 months! Factors that may put you at risk of neck pain include: Aging Depression, anxiety or...

Arthritis and Exercise

Welcome to our final blog in the “exercise for aging” series. Over the last few weeks, we have looked at a few reasons why exercise is so important for us as we get older. But what about if we have joint pain, like arthritis? Should we not then be resting to protect...

Broken Bones

How can you help broken bones heal? Believe it or not, there is something that physios can do to help – they can use ultrasound! It a special dose of ultrasound that is actually very low. It’s something that’s not well known, but highly effective. It is also...

Can my neck be causing my headache?

Can my neck be causing my headache? Headaches are a common occurrence for many of us – approximately 47% of the population suffer from headaches. The fact that many types of headaches exist may make it difficult for us to decipher what kind of headache we have and...
Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice Durban Kwazulu Natal
Gillitts Physiotherapy Practice Durban Kwazulu Natal

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